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#386 {Family Photography, Naples Florida} https://www.loveyourart.com/blog/2012/10/-386-Family-Photography-Naples-Florida Here are some of my favorite client’s!  This is the third year shooting this sweet mom and daughter…  I have grown to love these two for so many reasons.  The first being that they ALWAYS book me early for the holiday (which is truly a huge help).  But more importantly, after years of working with the same clients, we become friends.  And I’m not just talking about these gals, but I love seeing the children of all my clients as they grow over the years.  So our annual session is not only a time for me to document another year gone by, another lost tooth, another inch taller, but it’s also way for me to reconnect with old friends as well…


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#385 {Naples Wedding Photographer} https://www.loveyourart.com/blog/2012/10/-385-Naples-Wedding-Photographer From Russia, With Love…

This adorable couple, both originally from Russia, chose the gorgeous La Playa Resort for their wedding.  Both so fun and full of life, this couple just beamed when they were next to each other!  Here are some of my favorites from the day….

Sergei coming around the corner getting ready for the “first look” of his beautiful bride…

ardos-027 2015-6-6-0009-1

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#384 {Naples Wedding Photography, Ritz-Carlton} https://www.loveyourart.com/blog/2012/10/-384-Naples-Wedding-Photography-Ritz-Carlton This couple booked me fairly late in their wedding planning and sometimes having things happen at the last minute can be surprisingly wonderful.  They were both such a pleasure to work with and photograph.  Hello!!  The bride is gorgeous and with all that beautiful afternoon backlight, I could have worked with her all afternoon up in the wedding suite!  Their wedding at The Ritz-Carlton  was an intimate and beautiful event that I was honored to be  part of…




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#383 {Naples Senior Photography} https://www.loveyourart.com/blog/2012/10/-383-Naples-Senior-Photography This beautiful girl flew all the way down from Ohio to have her Senior Portraits done here with me in Naples.  Talk about making me feel special!!!  I photographed her all over town and we tried new locations as well as going to some tried and true spots.  I’ve posted a few I know she looked…although  she’s got the sweetest spirit that lights up the camera even when she doesn’t realize it… so there are so many other photos in which she just shines, but these were some of her faves.

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#382 {Naples Family Photography} https://www.loveyourart.com/blog/2012/10/-382-Naples-Family-Photography When photographing my youngest of clients, say birth to 18 months, there is a whole other dimension of challenges added into the shoot.  Besides capturing the  right camera settings, lighting, composition and so forth I then have to feel my way with this little person and try and win them over quick enough to get some great shots all from behind a camera.  How do you persuade a 1-year old to smile after 30 minutes of shooting when they lost interest 29 minutes ago?  The short answer is with a ton of help from mom & dad (oh and treats of course).

See for yourself how hard mom & dad had to work before we were able to get “the shot”…

Oh dad, is that your nose?…

Wait…I just want to check something out over here….

This looks like a good seat for now…

Or maybe this is better…

I’m just over it!  Haven’t I done enough!

Yup, I’m officially leaving…

All that hard work and finally….


All in a days work…and I wouldn’t have it any other way…

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#381 {50th Wedding Anniversary} https://www.loveyourart.com/blog/2012/10/-381-50th-Wedding-Anniversary I photographed this sweet couple on the morning of their 50th Anniversary.  I asked them what the key to a successful and long lasting marriage was and this is what they told me:

1.  Have patience with each other.

2.  Enjoy the small things in life, like a nice candlelight dinner or walk on the beach.

3.  No matter what, she’s always right

4.  Remember that life is short, so 50 years doesn’t seem like enough time together when you are happy.

All lessons any of us in marriage should try to remember every so often…

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#380 {Senior Portraits, Naples Florida} https://www.loveyourart.com/blog/2012/10/-380-Senior-Portraits-Naples-Florida-1 How gorgeous is this girl!  We photographed for quite some time in the studio before finishing up the session at her house.  And all done the night before she went off to college!  Talk about someone who can plan ahead.  If that had been me years ago, I would have had to of come home from the shoot to pack!  Who am I kidding?  …I still pack the night before any trip I go away on so some things never change.  

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#379 {Naples Family Photography} https://www.loveyourart.com/blog/2012/9/-379-Naples-Family-Photography-1 How this adorable family was never posted is beyond me.  This shoot was one of my favorites of the year so far, just because of how willing this family was to try anything!  The women of this family have an uncanny resemblance to a well-known TV family, but if you ask me, rocked it way better than those crazy Kardashian’s because this shoot was actually fun and drama free.  

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#378 {Naples Family Photography} https://www.loveyourart.com/blog/2012/9/-378-Naples-Family-Photography-1 Oh how I love these guys!  Last summer Sydney interned with me and I adored her from the moment she walked through the studio doors:  confident, stylish, and no nonsense all wrapped in this sweet package.  I had the best time with Sydney and her brother Zach last week.  We spent over two hours photographing all over Naples, starting with the studio and ending at the beach doing a combination of sibling shots and individual shots of both the kids.  Here are just a few from our evening together.  I may have to write another post to highlight Zach a little more…  he was simply adorable (although I’m sure no teenage boy wants to hear that they are adorable so my apologies to you now Zach).  Basically, he rocked it as well as his sister so more photos to come.

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